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Spurgeon College provides a rigorous academic environment designed to prepare students to engage a rapidly changing global environment. Available online and on campus, our academic programing connects students to the practical realities of ministry-track careers with the end goal of preparing men and women for kingdom service always in view.



Dive into the biblical world as you immerse yourself in studies such as Greek, Hebrew, biblical backgrounds, and Christian theology. In this degree, we combine rigorous biblical education with a practical skill set designed to produce effective pastors and church leaders. You will have the research and study tools necessary for an effective teaching ministry.
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Designed to give you access to ministry leadership, our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry provides a broad foundation for serving churches, Christian education groups, para-church ministries, and mission organizations. This degree allows students the greatest possible platform for service in a rapidly changing world – both inside and outside the church.
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BA in Intercultural Studies

Great leaders are full of biblical conviction, yet adaptable to any context. For that reason, in the BA in Intercultural Studies, we focus on training the right kinds of leaders so that they will be equipped to endure the most difficult of scenarios. Students in this program learn how to engage people from other lifestyles, worldviews, and cultures with the gospel of Jesus.
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Engage the shifting tides of culture through vibrant theological reflection. Our rigorous curriculum will encourage you to go deeper into the Word of God and roots of the theological enterprise. Graduates will have a solid framework to serve in churches, para-church ministries or to go on in further academic study.
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Be a leader who makes a difference on a global level. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership grounds students in the practical and theoretical realities of contributing to economic development through business. Students become leaders in the corporate and non-profit sectors in the business environment furthering the cause of local church ministry and international missions.
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BA in Communications

The new Bachelor of Arts in Communications at Spurgeon College can equip you to represent the truth with excellence no matter your industry or vocation. This 120-credit hour degree includes foundational ministry courses like biblical studies and Christian ministry interwoven with specific training in journalism, public relations, rhetoric, visual communications, and several other communications-related vocations.
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BA in Graphic Design

The new Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Spurgeon College equips students with a functional and applicable knowledge to enter the field of graphic design. This 120-hour program is design to prepare graduates to serve in both ministry and marketplace vocations.
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BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

Flexibility is a desired trait in the rapidly shifting currents of the 21st century. The Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies allows you to develop your own course of study in connection with a faculty advisor. Perfect for students returning to school in order to complete their degree, this degree gives you the opportunity to build a broader platform for your career or future graduate work.
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Immerse yourself in the world of the Humanities. The BA in Philosophy degree is perfect for those who love wrestling with logic, theology, and philosophical systems. Students will be exposed to the history of Christian thought along with gaining an understanding of competing world systems. This degree prepares students for ministry through apologetics, for broader cultural engagement or further graduate study.
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Great educators are biblically-informed and equipped to build their students up in the truth of God’s Word. Spurgeon College’s Education Track grants students a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in four years and prepares students for a fifth year with Hannibal-LaGrange University where they can complete a Master of Science in Education. The MSE at HGU can be completed online from Kansas City or elsewhere. The Education Track will prepare students to teach in diverse education settings with certifications including the following: Elementary, Middle School, Secondary (K-12 or 9-12), and Special Education (K-12).

Please contact admissions@mbts.edu for more information.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Student Ministry trains you how to ground young adults in the Word of God while understanding the unique social, spiritual and physical challenges youth face. This degree will equip you to effectively lead young adult ministries in the church while providing a broad enough foundation for future graduate work to pursue broader ministry.
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Make a difference for the church by leading people to worship Jesus! The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry gives students a rigorous academic framework for leading in a variety of worship settings. Our degrees feature classical training combined with Biblical and theological moorings that allow you to serve effectively in the broader worship needs of the church.
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The Biblical Counseling degree is designed to provide a philosophical, ideological, and theological basis of knowledge in the sufficiency of Scripture and its interpretation for the task of counseling and soul care, in service to the biblically mandated mission and ministries of the local church.
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The History degree at Spurgeon College equips students to engage the past from a global perspective. Through the study of the key figures, events, and methodologies of historical research, students gain valuable skills for faithfulness in the present and future.
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What if you could earn a BA and a Master’s degree in only five years of intense study?

Accelerate allows you to complete a Master of Divinity, a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, or a Master of Arts in Christian Education in 5 years.

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Spend your first year of college on the mission field.

Fusion is a process whereby young Christians grow into biblical adulthood by embracing the call of the gospel through several rites of passage.

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Finish your degree at Spurgeon College.

Transfer your credits to Spurgeon College and finish your undergraduate degree faster! We accept credits from most Christian universities.

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Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Associate of Arts degree with a major in Biblical Studies is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation as preparation for further training for vocational ministry.
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Associate of Arts in Worship Ministries

The Associate of Arts degree with a major in Worship Ministries is designed to provide students with basic musical competencies and prepare them for future training in the area of worship and music studies.
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Associate of Divinity

The Associate of Divinity (ADiv) degree is designed to prepare students with introductory skill needed for service in local church ministries, evangelism, international or North American missions, or denominational service.
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Associate of Arts in Intercultural Studies

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Master of Arts in Ministry Service (MAMS)

The Master of Arts in Ministry Service prepares the student for lay service in local churches, with an emphasis on theological foundations, volunteer mobilization, and leadership.
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Dual Enrollment/Credit

Spurgeon College is excited to give high school students a head start on their college career through dual-credit and dual-enrollment courses. These courses are available at a significantly discounted tuition rate and are applicable to undergraduate programs here at Spurgeon College, and may be transferable to other institutions.
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Degree in Three

Earn Your College Degree in Three Years. On-Campus. Online. On Mission. Degree in Three is an expedited degree experience helping students move from college to their ministry or marketplace career in a fraction of the time.
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