For the Kingdom

Spurgeon College Cohorts

Cohorts. Competition. Community.

Each year, the five Spurgeon College cohorts compete for the honor of winning the Spurgeon College Cohort Cup. Cohorts earn points through their performance in five categories: Campus Engagement, Academics, Community Service, Intramurals, and Cohort Olympics.

What Are They


The Spurgeon College Cohorts are designed to strengthen students’ on-campus experience through enhanced discipleship, focused study, and intentional community. Each cohort gathers regularly for fellowship, discussion related to their field, and to grow in their respective disciplines. Each cohort is be led by a staff coordinator and male and female student cohort captains.

What They Do


Every year each cohort will participate in a year-long competition to win the Cohort Cup. Throughout the year, cohort members can earn points toward the Cohort Cup through academic achievement, engagement in campus events, community service, participation in intramural sports, and performance at the annual Cohort Olympics events.

What They Offer


With an intentional and engaging structure, Spurgeon Cohorts provide students with an even stronger spirit of camaraderie, friendly competition, and sticky campus culture. The cohorts are designed to help the student body grow in depth, devotion, and discipleship.

The Cohorts

The Ministry Cohort prepares students for a lifetime of leadership in the church. Spurgeon College ministry graduates are prepared to serve the church and reach the nations for God’s glory in a variety of disciplines, including biblical studies, theology, biblical counseling, worship ministry, and other ministry-specific disciplines.

The Fusion Cohort exists to equip students to help fulfill the Great Commission. Beginning in 2005, the Fusion program equips participants to cultivate a close-knit community through spiritual, physical, cultural, and academic preparation, resulting in overseas missions. Through Fusion, students can spend their first year of college training for and going to the mission field.

The Marketplace Cohort is designed to root students in God’s unchanging Word while equipping them for a successful career in the world. Spurgeon College marketplace graduates serve the common good and expand Christ’s Kingdom as business leaders, communications professionals, journalists, educators, graphic designers, and more.

The Athletics Cohorts exists to prepare students for the Kingdom while competing athletically.

The Spurgeon Knights athletic teams grow together not only as team members but are trained holistically in the community as followers of Christ. Whether it be Men’s or Women’s Soccer, Men’s Basketball, or Women’s Volleyball, students can study and compete for the Kingdom with the Spurgeon Knights.

The Accelerate Cohort is an innovative program designed to combine rigorous academic study with practical ministry preparation. Accelerate students earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years of intense study. Participants can study in various disciplines including pastoral ministry, biblical counseling, missions, Christian education, and more.