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Dale Johnson - Midwestern Seminary

For the Kingdom

Biblical Counseling

Why Biblical Counseling?

Train to Care for Souls with Scripture

Spurgeon College’s biblical counseling program recognizes the local church as the primary context for the care and cure of souls and God’s sufficient Word as the foundation.

What You’ll Learn

Be Equipped to Counsel the Word

Spurgeon College’s Biblical Counseling program is designed to The Biblical Counseling degree is designed to provide you with a a philosophical, ideological, and theological basis of knowledge in the sufficiency of Scripture and its interpretation for the task of counseling and soul care, in service to the biblically mandated mission and ministries of the local church.

Program Information

Coursework and Outcomes

Explore the courses that are included in the Biblical Counseling program at Spurgeon College. Students in this program must complete 120 credit hours of coursework to graduate.

  • BN170 Introduction to Business and Finance 3 hrs
  • CM110 Introduction to Public Speaking 3 hrs
  • GE101 English Composition I 3 hrs
  • GE102 English Composition II 3 hrs
  • GE135 Quantitative Reasoning 3 hrs
  • GE185 Introduction to Physical Science 3 hrs
  • GE240 Survey of World Literature 3 hrs
  • GS101 Foundations of Kingdom Success 3 hrs
  • HM300 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hrs
  • HM344 Christianity and the Arts 3 hrs
  • HS210 or HS211 American History I or II 3 hrs
  • HT200 Introduction to Ethics 3 hrs
  • HT411 World Religions 3 hrs
  • PY100 Introduction to Psychology

  • BS115 Old Testament Survey I
  • BS116 Old Testament Survey II
  • BS117 New Testament Survey I
  • BS118 New Testament Survey II
  • BS204 Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • HT112 Church History I
  • HT113 Church History II
  • HT350 Christian Doctrine I
  • HT351 Christian Doctrine II
  • HT450 The Church
  • MN201 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship
  • MS201 Global Missions

  • BC100 Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling
  • BC110 Theological Basis for Biblical Counseling
  • BC115 History of Soul Care
  • BC201 Biblical Counseling and the Psychologies
  • BC205 Biblical Counseling and Christian Ethics
  • BC222 Marriage and Family Counseling
  • BC301 Contemporary Issues in Counseling
  • BC305 Addictions and Emotions
  • BC401 Biblical Counseling and Medical Issues
  • BC450 Biblical Counseling Practicum

This program offers students 12 hours of elective credit throughout their program.

Students graduating with the Biblical Counseling major will be able to do the following:

    1. Evaluate the central theories and methods of modern
      psychology from historical and biblical perspectives.
    2. Develop a biblical and theological understanding of
      human nature.
    3. Demonstrate basic skill in the evaluation of modern psychological research.
    4. Demonstrate skill in offering biblical and theological explanations of human problems and appropriate solutions.
    5. Distinguish a secular approach to psychology with the Christian doctrine of the church and the responsibility of its members to care for souls.

HEAR FROM Spurgeon Knights

I love the Christ-centered community that is focused outward. It is easy to become a bubble, but the vision of Spurgeon College is always to be pouring out into the world.

Maggie Jones

Biblical Counseling Student from East Africa