Admissions Requirements and Materials

What’s Required to Apply to Spurgeon?

Are you ready to apply to Spurgeon College? Here is what is required to apply and be considered for admission to Spurgeon:

  1. Online Application – completed online application that can be submitted here.
  2. Church Endorsement Form – certified by the church where the applicant is a member
  3. Pastoral Recommendation Form – to be completed by a pastor who can speak to the applicant’s character and Christian convictions; must be an individual different than the Church Endorsement Form
  4. Transcripts – Applicants must submit (1) an official transcript from all completed secondary diplomas and post-secondary degrees, and (2) official transcripts for all credit received at the same academic level as the desired program. Official transcripts should be submitted directly to Midwestern’s Admissions Office.
  5. Test Scores – The Admissions Committee recommends that students provide their ACT/CLT/SAT scores to Spurgeon College should they want to bolster their application. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to request these scores at any point if they deem it necessary on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Testimony – A brief written testimony of conversion to faith in Christ
  7. For additional documents required from international students, see “International Student Requirements” at