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HEAR FROM Spurgeon Knights

As a graphic design student, I feel like there's a great mix of preparing me to succeed in the workplace and to succeed as a Christian. By using the gifts God has given us, we can bring glory and honor to Him.

Caleb Hawkins

Graphic Design Major from Napoleon, MO

HEAR FROM Spurgeon Knights

The Communications program has equipped me to serve the Kingdom by training me to be a skillful communicator while maintaining a worldview that is grounded in Scripture and truth.

Chesed Chipman

Communications Major from Kansas City, MO

HEAR FROM Spurgeon Knights

I have loved how easy Spurgeon College has made it for students to live for Christ and His kingdom. They have countless opportunities to serve and lead. At Spurgeon, you are surrounded by people with the same goal in mind, to serve Christ.

Elijah Lehew

Christian Ministry Major - Sapulpa, OK

HEAR FROM Spurgeon Knights

So many faculty and staff members make sure you know that they are there to help you. All my professors are available to help me succeed, and the staff always love a quick chat or a coffee conversation.

Brooklyn Graham

Biblical Studies Major from St. Louis, MO

HEAR FROM Spurgeon Knights

I love the Christ-centered community that is focused outward. It is easy to become a bubble, but the vision of Spurgeon College is always to be pouring out into the world.

Maggie Jones

Biblical Counseling Student from East Africa

The Kingdom of God

Samuel Bierig

For the Kingdom

If you know anything about the Midwestern community, you know we exist For the Church. This is a glorious and appropriate vision and well fits our stewardship here. With the slogan For the Kingdom, we intend to signal a broader scope of educational intentions and possibilities...

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David McLemore

Are You In God’s Kingdom?

The scribe made a great first move. He came to Jesus. But he didn’t come close enough. He came to Jesus to ask a question but he didn’t draw close enough to see the true answer. If he had, he would have seen that Jesus not only knew God’s law but obeyed God’s law...

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David McLemore

The Kingdom of God is for You

The Pharisees worked really hard to obey, and Jesus and his disciples didn't seem to care. To avoid doing any work on the Sabbath, the Pharisees created a list of thirty-nine different activities...

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Michael Kelley

2 Active Ways to Grow in Our Desire for the Kingdom

“Lord, teach us to pray.”
I resonate with that request the early disciples made of Jesus. There is implicit in the request a certain amount of humility that it takes any time you ask someone to teach you something...

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College and Calling

Dave Harvey

The Priority of Confirming Your Call

The great 19th century pastor, Charles Spurgeon, was committed to training young men for pastoral ministry. One of the ways he did this was by giving regular lectures to the young men attending his Pastors’ College. Spurgeon wanted to prepare...

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Matthew Emerson

How to Make the Most of Your College Education

I was saved in the summer between middle school and high school and felt called to ministry in a few years later. I’ve always been a little obsessed with “efficiency” (think the Pete & Pete episode with the Efficiency Expert), and so when I was thinking about college and...

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Jason Kees

Don’t Study to Pass

I have taught the Bible in the private Christian school setting for the past two years. During this time, I have been reminded of the difficulties of not just teaching but teaching...

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