Fall Festival at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College Draws Hundreds

KANSAS CITY, Mo—Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College’s Fall Festival returned on October 27 with new activities and events for the whole family. Hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and community members gathered on Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College’s campus for an evening of fellowship, food, and fun.

“The Fall Festival is one of my favorite events of the semester,” said President Jason Allen. “The food, games, and fellowship always amount to such a sweet time for our faculty and students. This year was no different. I want to express a word of thanks to Tim Adams and the rest of our Student Life and Events staff for such a wonderful time.”

Tim Adams, director of Student Life and Events, leads the seminary’s efforts in providing fun events such as these for the benefit of students, staff, and their families.

Speaking to the importance of the seminary’s Fall Festival, Adams said, “The Fall Festival is such a blessing to our on-campus community. Our goal is to bring our community together in the middle of the semester simply to bless them with a night of fun and fellowship in the midst of studies. I believe a Fall Festival brings just the right amount of joy and laughter to help our community sustain the hard work they do in the classroom.”

This year’s Fall Festival featured several new additions, including a bubble party, new inflatables and rides, virtual reality activities, games for all ages, and a themed costume competition. In addition to dinner, attendees also enjoyed hot apple cider, hot chocolate, ice cream, funnel cakes, and more.

Throughout the evening, families gathered at picnic tables, students enjoyed Moonwalk themed activities, and staff members crowned a winner to the 2023 Fall Festival costume competition.

“We were excited to introduce a theme into this year’s event. The Fall Festival: Moonwalk was a huge success! It was so fun to see the campus community jump into the theme and create individual costumes and family costumes. They were truly incredible. The glow in the dark bubble party seemed to be a big hit for all ages! The number of bubbles and the size of some of the bubbles was mesmerizing to the crowd.”

Adams also expressed his gratitude for the many people at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College that make events such as these possible.

He said, “Fall Festival has a lot of moving parts: rides, inflatables, food, drinks, and desserts. It requires a lot of commitment from our student leadership team to serve the community by setting up, working a station at the event, and then tearing down after the event. Our student leaders are remarkable. I’m thankful for their desire to serve this community. We truly could not host the Fall Festival, especially to the scale that we do, without our student leaders.”

Midwestern Seminary boasts one of the largest Student Life organizations in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Adams explained this priority for the seminary, “Two things come to mind that makes Midwestern Seminary’s student life so special. First, the school is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that students at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College are blessed in ways that go far beyond anything I have ever experienced before.”

“This school truly cares deeply for students on all fronts, from their education and opportunities to learn from some of the brightest minds in the evangelical world to making sure students enjoy themselves as they grow in this community with events like the Fall Festival.”

He went on to say, “Second, the people that make up the student body here are truly remarkable people. Students come from all corners of the world to study here and they make up an incredible campus community.”

In closing, Adams gave an encouragement to prospective students and community members, “To anyone considering joining our Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College community, I say this: come and experience it for yourself. From unparalleled academic offerings to enriching events like Fall Festival, we commit to your time in Kansas City being filled with growth, fellowship, and joy.”

To view photos of this year’s Fall Festival, visit here.