BA, Christian Ministry

The BACM degree is a very flexible program, offering students the opportunity to complete their studies fully online, fully on-campus, or any combination of the two. As such, the BACM works best for students whose employment, location, and life circumstances demand wide range of scheduling options as they pursue their undergraduate studies. The BACM also coordinates with other degree-options available through Spurgeon College, thus allowing students to save credit-hours as their educational goals may change.

Thus, if you have a high school diploma and are called to ministry, the BACM degree could be the right start on a complete, theological education. Even students now serving in various ways—whether as pastors, educators, staff members, or missionaries—can go further through the BACM, gaining knowledge and skill to last a lifetime.

The BACM degree, like the others offered through Spurgeon College, is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission, providing credit-hours that are transferable to other colleges and universities.


BA, Christian Ministry and Divinity – The Divinity major is designed for individuals who anticipate serving as pastors, evangelists, associate pastors, missionaries, or in other ministries that emphasize expository preaching, or teaching of the Word of God. Learn More ›

BA, Christian Ministry and Humanities – The Humanities major will build sound scholarship with an emphasis in the liberal arts, as well as study economic and political factors that affect society. Learn More ›

BA, Christian Ministry and Worship Ministries – The Worship Ministries major is designed for those will lead in the area of worship and music in the local church. Learn More ›

BA, Christian Ministry and Counseling Psychology – The Counseling Psychology Major is designed particularly for those who intend to go into the field of Christian Counseling. This major will prepare the student to enter the Master of Arts in Counseling (MACO) degree program. Learn More ›

BA, Christian Ministry and Business – The Business Major is beneficial in three specific areas. First, for students who will be in a church-plant, or work in a bi-vocational setting, it will help them develop a skill set to be self-employed. Second, for those serving in larger congregations, it will provide them the management and leadership skills to lead a major non-profit organization. And finally, with the newest missions work being designed to enable “Kingdom Professionals,” it will assist the missionary endeavor of the church to penetrate the unreached people groups especially in the Middle and Far East. Learn More ›


BN170 Introduction to Business and Finance
GE205 World Geography
HM300 Intro to Philosophy
CM110 Basic Communication
GE101 English Composition I
GE102 English Composition II
GE135 Quantitative Reasoning
GE185 Introduction to Physical Science
GE240 Survey of World Literature
HM344 Christianity and the Arts
HT210 American History
HT411 World Religions
MS201 Global Missions
PY100 Introduction to Psychology
GS181 Integrative I, Leadership (1 hr)
GS382 Integrative II, Assessment (1 hr)
GS483 Integrative III, Capstone (1 hr)

BS115 Old Testament Survey I
BS116 Old Testament Survey II
BS117 New Testament Survey I
BS118 New Testament Survey II
BS204 Intro to Hermeneutics
HT450 The Church
HT350 Christian Doctrine I
HT351 Christian Doctrine II
HT200 Introduction to Ethics
MN201 Personal Evangelism & Discipleship

BN465 Entrepreneutial Leadership
CE408 Intro to Student Ministry or CE409 Intro to Adult & Family Ministry
CE360 Church Administration
MN255 Interpersonal Counseling & Conflict Management
HT112 Church History I
HT113 Church History II
MN350 Pastoral Care and Counseling
MS310 Introduction to Church Planting and Church Growth


Online Option

You can now complete the standard BA in Christian Ministry degree using one of three different formats: on-campus, online, or a blended format. Spurgeon College provides a Christian environment in which to study and learn. Our smaller size allows you to have more personal contact with your professors. Our new online program allows you the convenience of study on your schedule and in your home or office. The blended format provides the advantages of both. Many of the online courses offered in the BA in Christian Ministry degree plan meet the requirements of several degree plans offered through Spurgeon College; however, before registering for a course, be sure it meets the requirements for your specific degree plan.


Admission requirements to enter this program include a high school diploma with a minimum 2.0 GPA or an official GED. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age. The applicant will also need to provide a Church Endorsement, Pastor’s Recommendation, and two recommendations. The scores from either the ACT or the SAT examinations are also required from students who are 21 years old or younger. The applicant must demonstrate commitment to and qualities desired for Christian leadership, and the academic ability to engage in undergraduate education. To apply for admission, complete the BA in Christian Ministry Application Form and its requirements.