Accelerate – BA Biblical Studies + Master of Divinity

Accelerate allows students to earn both a Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies and the Master of Divinity in 5 years. As such, the Accelerate program incorporates the purpose and learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies degree, preparing graduates for service in local church ministry, evangelism, international or North American missions, denominational service, and/or other Christian ministries by providing increased knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation.

Biblical Studies Outcomes
Students completing the Biblical Studies major will be
able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate increased understanding of biblical
  2. Interpret Scripture using appropriate hermeneutical and
    historically-informed principles
  3. Demonstrate skill in communicating biblical truth.

Program Completion and Duration
The Accelerate program allows students to complete the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity Degrees in 165 total hours, over 5 years of study. Accelerate students enjoy substantial contact with ministry leaders and other Christian professionals, in a cohort structure that links theory with practice throughout their courses of study. Applicants to the Accelerate program must submit additional documentation in the admissions process and agree to take each year’s required number of courses. Students enrolled in Accelerate must maintain a 3.0 GPA at all levels and attend the mandatory amount of cohort meetings assigned by the Dean of Spurgeon College.

Students who cannot meet the requirements of Accelerate will be transferred to the standard Bachelor of Arts or Master of Divinity degree programs, depending on the extent of their progress thus far. Students successfully completing the program will complete both degrees within five academic years. Accelerate students will be considered undergraduate students and will be eligible for undergraduate financial aid for their first 4 academic years of enrollment at Spurgeon College. Following the completion of their 4th academic year, Accelerate students will be considered graduate students and will be eligible for graduate financial aid.


General Education (42 hours)

  • BN170 Introduction to Business & Finance
  • CM110 Introduction to Public Speaking
  • GE101 English Composition I
  • GE102 English Composition II

Biblical Studies Major + Undergrad Electives (27 hours)

  • MS201 Global Missions
  • HT450 The Church
  • HT460 Biblical Theology
  • XXXXX Undergraduate Elective
  • XXXXX Undergraduate Elective
  • XXXXX Undergraduate Elective
  • XXXXX Undergraduate Elective
  • XXXXX Undergraduate Elective
  • XXXXX Undergraduate Elective

Graduate + Undergraduate Credit by Exam (30 hours)

  • BS2210* Old Testament Survey I
  • BS2211* Old Testament Survey II
  • BS2310* New Testament Survey I
  • BS2311* New Testament Survey II
  • MN5060* Evangelism & Discipleship

*Taken on Graduate level with undergraduate credit given upon successful completion of a Credit-by-Exam. In lieu of the exam, students may also take the undergraduate course in addition to the Graduate level course.

Graduate Foundational Core + Biblical Studies/MDiv Courses (39 hours)

  • BS2400** Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • BS2200** Elementary Hebrew I
  • BS2201** Elementary Hebrew II
  • BS2300** Elementary Greek I
  • BS2301** Elementary Greek II
  • CE8345** Biblical Leadership and Administration for the Church
  • HT3100** History of Christianity I
  • HT3101** History of Christianity II
  • HT3200** Theology I
  • HT3201** Theology II
  • MN5430** Intro to Pastoral Ministry<sup>1</sup>

Choose 2 from below**

  • MN5450 Applied Ecclesiology Practicum
  • MN5468 Leadership Practicum
  • BC5510 Biblical Counseling in the Local Church
  • CM9100 Biblical Foundations of Worship

**Taken on Graduate level and will fulfill requirements towards a BA as stipulated by HLC 3+2 program.
1. Female students take CE8411 Age Group Ministry

Master of Divinity Coursework (27 hours)

  • HT3110 Baptist History
  • HT3300 Introduction to Apologetics
  • HT3400 Christian Ethics
  • MN5161 Expository Preaching I: Sermon Prep Practicum<sup>1</sup>
  • MN5162 Expository Preaching II: Sermon Delivery Practicum<sup>2</sup>
  • XXXXX Practicum
  • XXXXX Practicum
  • XXXXX Graduate Elective
  • XXXXX Graduate Elective

1. Female students take CE8110 Principles of Teaching I.
2. Female students take CE8111 Principles of Teaching II