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Life On Campus

At the core of the Christian life is union with Christ and fellowship with his Church. So too, that is what campus life at Midwestern is all about. We recognize that the classroom is not enough to prepare you for ministry. You need more.

Our Student Life and Events office is always thinking about how to connect you with other classmates. From small things like block parties and ping-pong tournaments to big events like the Fall Festival, we want you to enjoy this season with the students around you. Because the relationships here will last throughout your ministry, we help you make friends, and make them count.

We also want you to have access to your professors outside the classroom. Our Timothy Groups meet each semester, allowing students to get to know a professor in a smaller, more intimate setting. These groups often meet in professors’ homes and allow students to talk through discipleship concepts, personal issues, and prayer requests. If you can’t meet with a professor consistently for a Timothy Group, that’s ok. Our deans and faculty members regularly have students or groups over for dinner or out to coffee. When you come here, you won’t just have professors in classrooms, but also their phone numbers in your contacts.

Lastly, your preparation for ministry to others is only as good as your adoration of Jesus’ ministry to you. For this reason, we consistently provide opportunities for you to grow in dependence upon him. We worship in chapel twice a week with congregational singing and expositional preaching. We host conferences like the For the Church conference with major speakers who pour into our students. And lastly, we resource you with discussions, panels, and even free books that address issues you are bound to face.

So whether you are singing at the top of your lungs in chapel, roasting marshmallows at a professor’s house, or blasting wiffle balls with friends at the annual Spring Picnic, everything on campus is geared at growing you in love for Christ and his Church.

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