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Who we are

A discipleship process for a lifetime of making disciples

A year of a bachelor’s degree at Spurgeon College

A training ground for taking the gospel to hard places

A partnership with IMB for international deployment

A partnership with NAMB for North American deployment

Three goals of Fusion

To provide young believers a directional process from adolescence to biblical adulthood.

To train young believers to live according to the transcendent cause of making disciples for God’s glory.

To address high numbers of high school graduates losing contact with the local church in college.

Download the full Fusion Fundraising Brochure (PDF)

Why we do what we do


God is not receiving the glory that is due His name in the lives of young believers.

We aim to give young believers a transcendent cause worth giving their lives for – the glory of God among all nations!


God has saved us from our sins through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through life-on-life discipleship, academic coursework, and church membership, we aim to equip young believers to live compelled by the gospel.


The gospel is not known and God is not receiving glory among thousands of unreached people groups.

We train hard in order to take the gospel to places most densely populated with unreached people groups.

What we do

Life on Life Discipleship

4:1 Student to Leader Ratio

Study together

Train together

Proclaim together


Field Personal Training

The initial two-week experience is foundational to the Fusion process. Field Personal Training helps Fusion candidates answer the question “Is the proclamation of the gospel in hard places worth it?”

Transportation Training

Individuals are equipped with confidence and competence to navigate public transportation throughout Kansas City and the United States. This prepares cohorts for the new cultures they will experience where private vehicles are few and far between.

Security Training

Those being sent through the Fusion program go to some of the hardest places on the map. We help prepare students for any circumstance, so they are ready to handle a vast array of situations.

Academic Coursework

Fusion intentionally selects coursework to shape a disciple-making disciple who is ready to serve cross-culturally.

Hard Places

Spend 3 months proclaiming the gospel to the unreached and strengthening churches in hard places alongside NAMB and the IMB. Because Christ and his glory are worth it.


“Fusion connects disciple-making here with disciple-making among the nations. [Fusion] trains people to make disciples locally in ways that then prepare people to make disciples globally.”

David Platt | Pastor-Teacher, McLean Bible Church, Former IMB President

Why should I invest in Fusion?

To equip young believers to make disciples for a lifetime

It is the joyful responsibility of Christians to raise up the next generation to treasure the gospel and to proclaim it in all of life.

To proclaim the gospel to the nations

It is the joyful responsibility of Christians to see to it that the gospel is proclaimed among all peoples.

How do I invest in Fusion?



for the Fusion students and alumni training and serving around the world.



others about Fusion International and Fusion North America. Encourage them to partner with us through prayers and financial support.



in our students. Your contribution to the general Fusion Scholarship Fund or to an individual allows candidates to train undistracted, so others may hear and live.

Here's how you can donate:


Go to https://mbts.givingfuel.com/fusion-student-support
To donate to a particular student include “Fusion: [Student Name]” in the memo line on the form.*

To donate to the general Fusion Scholarship Fund include “Fusion Scholarship Fund.”

Donate Now

Every dollar donated to the general Fusion Scholarship Fund goes directly to funding a Fusion student to proclaim the gospel in hard places.

*Donations to an individual are not tax deductible


Send a check made to MBTS.
To donate to a particular student include “Fusion: [Student Name]” in the memo line.*

To donate to the general scholarship fund include “Fusion General Scholarship” in the memo line.

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