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BA, Biblical Studies and Worship Ministries

The double major programs at Spurgeon College are divided into three distinct sections. Students take classes in the General Education component, the Christian component, and then in the Professional component.

The Biblical Studies major focuses on foundational courses which will enable the student to gain a firm grasp of Scripture. The Worship Ministries major is designed for those will lead in the area of worship and music in the local church.


Students graduating with the Bachelor of Arts degree will be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate an increased understanding of the Christian worldview in relation to the natural and social world.
  2. Demonstrate an increased understanding of the theological foundations of Christian ministry.
  3. Demonstrate increased competence in practical skills of Christian ministry, such as information management, strategic decision-making, and communication.
  4. Demonstrate an enhanced foundation for subsequent formal and informal education.


Students graduating with the Biblical Studies major will be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate increased understanding of the biblical text.
  2. Interpret Scripture using appropriate hermeneutical and historically informed principles.
  3. Demonstrate skill in communicating biblical truth.


  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of music theory, music history, and conducting.
  2. Demonstrate improved musical practice and performance skills.
  3. Demonstrate a basic orientation to local church music and worship ministry.

Worship Ministries Course Catalog

BN170 Introduction to Business and Finance
BS205 Historical Geography of the Bible
CM110 Basic Communication
GE101 English Composition I
GE102 English Composition II
GE135 Quantitative Reasoning
GE185 Introduction to Physical Science
HM300 Introduction to Philosophy
GE240 Survey of World Literature
HM344 Christianity and the Arts
HT210 American History
HT411 World Religions
MS201 Global Missions
PY100 Introduction to Psychology
GS181 Integrative I, Leadership (1 hr)
GS382 Integrative II, Assessment (1 hr)
GS483 Integrative III, Capstone (1 hr)

BS115 Old Testament Survey I
BS116 Old Testament Survey II
BS117 New Testament Survey I
BS118 New Testament Survey II
BS204 Introduction to Hermeneutics
HT450 The Church
HT350 Christian Doctrine I
HT351 Christian Doctrine II
HT200 Introduction to Ethics
MN201 Personal Evangelism & Discipleship

HT460 Biblical Theology
FL441 Hebrew I
FL442 Hebrew II
FL451 Greek I
FL452 Greek II
HT112 Church History I
HT113 Church History II
MN310 Sermon Preparation

MU101 Music Theory I * (3 hr)
MU102 Aural Skills I (1 hr)
MU103 Music Theory II (3 hr)
MU104 Aural Skills II (1 hr)
MU201 Music Theory III (3 hr)
MU202 Aural Skills III (1 hr)
MU302 Intro to Church Music & Worship Leadership (3 hr)
MU233 History of Music for Worship I (3 hr)
MU234 History of Music for Worship II (3 hr)
MU341 Introduction to Conducting (2 hr)
MU361 Integrative Seminar in Worship Ministries (1 hr)
Primary Applied Major (6 hrs) Areas of study: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Other
Secondary Applied Minor** (2 hrs) Areas for Study: Voice, Piano
MU325 Basic Guitar for the Worship Musician*** (1 hr)
Ensemble Participation**** (3 hrs) MU481 Chapel Choir, MU482 Chapel Band, MU484 Voices of Midwestern

* Music Fundamentals is a prerequisite for students entering Music Theory/Aural Skills I. All students will be requierd to take a test in music fundamentals to determine if remedial work is required.
** Secondary Applied Minors are in Voice, Piano, & Guitar. Each student must select two competencies and are required to pass a proficiency upon the completion of each.
*** Students who are proficient at guitar and are able to pass a proficiency exam may substitute MU385 Leading Worship with the Guitar
**** Students must complete 3 semesters of Ensemble participation to satisfy degree requirements.

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