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BA, Communications + MACE

The Accelerate: Communications track allows students to earn their Bachelor of Arts, Communications and Master of Arts, Christian Education degrees in as little as four and a half years. As such, this program incorporates the purpose and learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts, Communications degree, providing college-level preparation for service in local churches and other Christian ministries through programs of practical education, spiritual and character development, and theological understanding.


Communications Major Outcomes

Students graduating with the Communications major will be able to do the following:

  1. Understand the role of communications within both a Christian and secular context.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to effectively employ communication skills within a business organization or ministry setting.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to competently plan, organize, and direct communications endeavors.
  4. Integrate a biblical worldview into the practice of communications.


Program Completion and Duration

The Accelerate program allows students to complete the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Christian Education Degrees in 153 total hours, over 5 years of study.

Applicants to the Accelerate program must submit additional documentation in the admissions process and agree to take each year’s required number of courses. Students enrolled in Accelerate must maintain a 3.0 GPA at all levels and attend the mandatory amount of cohort meetings assigned by the Dean of Spurgeon College.

Students who cannot meet the requirements of Accelerate will be transferred to the standard Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts in Christian Education degree programs, depending on the extent of their progress thus far. Students successfully completing the first four years of the program will graduate with the Bachelor of Arts, Communications. Once the fifth year of Accelerate is completed, students are awarded the Master of Arts in Christian Education degree through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Course Catalog

General Education                                            48 hrs

BN170     Introduction to Business & Finance           3 hrs
CM110     Introduction to Public Speaking               3 hrs
GE101      English Composition I                            3 hrs
GE102      English Composition II                           3 hrs
GE135      Quantitative Reasoning                           3 hrs
GE185      Introduction to Physical Science               3 hrs
GE205      World Geography                                  3 hrs
GE240      Survey of World Literature                      3 hrs
GS101      Foundations for Kingdom Success            3 hrs
HM300     Introduction to Philosophy                     3 hrs
HM344     Christianity & the Arts                           3 hrs
HS210 or
HS211      American History I or II                         3 hrs
HT113      Church History II                                  3 hrs
HT411      World Religions                                    3 hrs
MS201     Global Missions                                    3 hrs
PY100      Introduction to Psychology                      3 hrs

Communications Major                                    33 Hrs

BN230     Introduction to Marketing                       3 hrs
CM120     Visual Communication                           3 hrs
CM150     Introduction to Communication Theory     3 hrs
CM201     Principles of Public Relations                  3 hrs
CM210     Principles of Crisis Communication          3 hrs
CM220     Online Presence                                    3 hrs
CM301     Journalism I                                         3 hrs
CM302     Journalism II                                        3 hrs
CM310     Advanced Public Speaking                      3 hrs
CM405     Advanced Visual Communication             3 hrs
CM450     Communication Studies Capstone             3 hrs

Additional Undergraduate Courses                    12 Hrs

BS204      Introduction to Hermeneutics                   3 hrs
HT200      Introduction to Ethics                             3 hrs
HT350      Christian Doctrine I                               3 hrs
HT351      Christian Doctrine II                              3 hrs

Graduate + Undergraduate Credit by Exam       30 Hrs

BS2210*   Old Testament Survey I                          3 hrs
BS2211*   Old Testament Survey II                         3 hrs
BS2310*   New Testament Survey I                         3 hrs
BS2311*   New Testament Survey II                        3 hrs
MN5060* Evangelism & Discipleship                     3 hrs

MA, Christian Education Courses                      30 hrs

CE8110** Principles of Teaching I                          3 hrs
CE8111** Principles of Teaching II                         3 hrs
CE8301** Church Administration                           3 hrs
HT3110** Baptist History                                      3 hrs


CE8134    Issues in Christian Education                   3 hrs
CE8306    Principles of Leadership                          3 hrs
CE8411    Age Group Ministry                               3 hrs
HT3300    Introduction to Apologetics                     3 hrs
MN5801   Volunteer Ministry Practicum                  3 hrs
MS7011    Missiology                                           3 hrs


*Taken on Graduate level with undergraduate credit given upon successful completion of a Credit-by-Exam. In lieu of the exam, students may also take the undergraduate course in addition to the Graduate level course.

**Taken on Graduate Level and will fulfill requirements towards a BA as stipulated by HLC 3+2 Program.

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